North East South West Signpost Showing Travel Or DirectionLeppla Associates has long represented consumers of legal services as well as attorneys on matters of attorney professional responsibility, including clients who have been injured by legal malpractice. We have also regularly represented attorneys before disciplinary authorities monitoring the legal profession, as well as other ethics commissions. Leppla Associates is uniquely situated for such representation, with a singular background in handling such issues.

Leppla Associates has represented numerous attorneys who have been investigated or prosecuted by disciplinary authorities for alleged ethics violations or misconduct, as well as matters involving reinstatement, suspension and disbarment.    Leppla Associates has also represented bar applicants.  Law school graduates who are seeking admission to the Ohio Bar may find their application under review by the Board of Commissioners on Character & Fitness for various alleged reasons.   Our attorneys counsel and represent state bar applicants who have been charged with misconduct that may prevent them from being admitted to the bar, or have questions in general about the admission process.